What We Do

“The future. It’s happening today”
– Cyberdyne Systems (T2-3D: Battle Across Time, 2001)


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Partner or Purchase

what’s right for you

You’re in the driver seat. Whether you’re looking for investment capital, an incubation partner, or someone to take over the reigns, our level of assistance is entirely up to you.


Have you built a great software but need help with the business growth plan? Are you trying to decide if you want to be a business person or move on to your next cool idea? Are you not sure how to get to the next level of success, or the level after that?


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Incubate & Invest

let’s get you to the next level of success

Do you have an idea or an early version of a software with great potential?
Have you developed the next great WordPress plugin and are looking for someone to help get it to market?


Let our team be your mentors, to bring your business to the next level, and the level after that! We’ve got years of experience and success in the hosting and WordPress industry, and were once at the stage you are…and we’re excited to help!