Our Vision



Bringing Awesome

technology companies
to the next level

We started out as a small technology company, so we know the industry. We grew the company from two employees to nearly 400, so we know how to grow and scale a business

We also know what it’s like to be the “little guy” looking for investment capital in the WordPress and Web Hosting industries. The venture capital world is known for being a ruthless place and many amazing, smaller technology companies are overlooked. We’re here to change that. Our team is here to be your mentor–to guide you and your business to the next stage of growth–while maintaining the vision and passion that got you where you are today.

We have the experience, connections, staffing and the capital to get you where you deserve to be. We make sure your hard work continues to pay off. The choice is yours- stick around for the ride or cash out and move on to the next awesome venture.


Software we Work With

Anything connected to websites, web hosting, & WordPress

This is an industry of many different nooks & crannies…so below is not an exhaustive list.

WordPress Plugin(s)

WordPress Themes

Web Hosting Companies

Website Technologies

Niche Hosting Shops

Niche Design Shops